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Pet Pals: Meet Beau


In this week’s Pet Pals, we traveled to Hamilton to meet Beau at the Animal Friends Humane Society.

Kelley McClaughry, dog care coordinator at the shelter, said they thought the brave puppy was a chihuahua mix.

“He’s a very nice boy,” said McClaughry. “He loves to go, go, go.”

Beau would thrive in an active family who can keep up with this bundle of energy. It’s a bit too energetic for young children, so the shelter recommends a family without children under the age of five.

Since he was once a stray, McClaughry said Beau could benefit from further obedience education as well.

He’s still a playful puppy and loves walking around, being in the playground and chasing plush toys.

McClaughry said the shelter encourages anyone interested in meeting Beau to come visit him anytime during office hours.

“We always suggest that you come hang out with all of our animals here at our adoption center,” McClaughry said. “The best way to meet this animal and see its personality and see if it will fit in with your family is to come to the shelter and hang out. You can walk our animals.”

Beau’s profile can also be found on the shelter’s website. If you think your family isn’t complete without this good, energetic boy, you can also call 513.967.5727.


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