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Police: 17 animals seized from Middletown Springs home | News

A Middletown Springs couple face a felony charge after an investigation in January that police say ended with the removal of 17 animals and two others, a pig and a chicken, which appeared to have died of neglect .

Kyle Bradish, 29, and his wife, Ashley Bradish, 27, were both charged with felony animal cruelty by killing an animal with excessive pain and suffering and a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge in leaving an animal without adequate food, water or shelter.

In an affidavit, Rutland County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Justin Cram said police executed a warrant at a North Street home in Middletown Springs on Jan. 24, along with Dr. Janet Carini of the veterinary clinic. of Rutland at Castleton Corners, and members of the Rutland County Humane Society.

He said 17 animals had been abducted, all of them in need of food, water and safe habitat, and most in need of medical attention.

Cram said on a previous visit he found a dead chicken and a dead pig, both of which appeared to be dead due to the poor conditions. While Cram said he recorded the dead animals using his body camera, he said they were both gone when the search warrant was executed on January 24.

The affidavit noted that the dead chicken and pig brought the total number of neglected animals in the home to 19.

The felony charge against Kyle and Ashley Bradish was based on the dead pig and the misdemeanor charge was based on one of the dogs removed from the property.

According to the affidavit, Cram was patrolling Middletown Springs on January 13 when he was approached by a neighbor of Kyle and Ashley Bradish who reported that there were several animals at the Bradish home that were not receiving care, food or adequate water.

Cram said the neighbor showed him, from the neighbor’s property, the conditions of the animals. Cram said he could see an adult pig, whose ribs could be seen because he was so thin, as well as other animals like dogs, chickens, ducks and turkeys. Cram said there was no visible food and the bowls of water contained only ice.

The affidavit said there had been snow recently, and Cram said he saw no footprints, which indicated no one had been out to feed or water the animals. However, he said there were new footprints and tire tracks near the house, which indicated there had been activity at the house.

Cram said he spoke with Kyle Bradish on Jan. 16 at the Bradish home. He said Bradish acknowledged that he did not feed the animals every day and that there had been financial difficulties which made it difficult to pay for feed and care. He told Cram the pig died recently from exposure to the cold, but said the dogs were brought inside each night.

The affidavit says Cram spoke with Arthur Bradish, 63, who told him animal care was an “ongoing issue”. He said that when the dogs were brought into the house, they were put straight into kennels and he “didn’t feel like they were cared for properly and didn’t have any sort of life. decent”.

Judge David Fenster granted a warrant on January 21 to search the house. On January 24, Arthur Bradish allowed police to enter the house, according to the affidavit.

Noting the observations of the house search in the affidavit, Cram said there was also snow near the date of the warrant execution and, as had been the case earlier in the month, there were no footprints in the snow to indicate anyone had fed or watered the animals.

Cram said there was a chicken coop with seven chickens in it and a chicken coop with four ducks in it. Both had a water dish but the water was frozen but Cram said there were signs the chickens and ducks had been pecking at the ice in an attempt to get water.

The last outdoor pen had a turkey and a rooster inside. Both showed signs of frostbite and Cram said there was no place the animals could go in the enclosure for shelter from the wind.

Inside the home, the team found a German Shepherd and a Border Collie in kennels. Both dogs were in kennels that were too small and both very skinny. The dogs had no water and there was no blanket at the bottom of the German Shepherd kennel so the dog sat and lay directly on the wire.

A rabbit and a cat were also found inside the house and removed as they needed medical attention.

Cram said Kyle and Ashley Bradish came to the Rutland Sheriff’s Office to be cited, but both refused to sign the citations. He said Kyle Bradish said he was “sorry it had to come to this” and expressed remorse about the bunny because it was his daughter’s pet.

The felony charge for Kyle and Ashley Bradish carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, while the misdemeanor charge carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison, if either other is found guilty.