Regulator excludes refunds for flights canceled by Covid

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Would you like a refund for a flight you were unable to board due to the Covid? You haven’t had any luck.

The Competition and Markets Authority launched a survey of British Airways and Ryanair in June. If you refuse to offer a refund to your customers, we will offer you the option to change the booking instead or, in BA’s case, provide a voucher.

Watchdog concluded its investigation this morning and concluded that “the lack of legal clarity” meant it could not justify continuing to sue the company for refund policies.

Andrea Coscelli, CEO of CMA, said regulators “firmly believe” that if a blockade law prevents people from legally stealing, they should get a full refund. paddy field. But the law does not seem to allow it. So we must aspire until the law changes.


shell Third Quarter Revenue Reaches $ 400 Million Extratropical Cyclone Ida In the Gulf of Mexico, an oil company said this morning. The hurricane is causing “serious structural damage” to one of Shell’s offshore platform facilities in the Gulf, which could be fully repaired until the end of the year.

Robert walters This is the latest report on the flip side of the recruitment boom. Recruiters said that since the end of the third quarter, annual profits are expected to be “more comfortable” than forecast given in the half-year results. Revenue was up more than a quarter from the same period last year in the three months ending late September, but still down 13% from the third quarter of 2019.

There is also an update to the spread betting site today. CMC Market And group of car dealers Pendragon..

Beyond the square miles

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Rear group Ready to eat, Panera bread When Crispy cream We are close to raising $ 5 billion to invest in the growing pet care market. JAB HoldingBillionaire family property management Rayman has completed more than $ 50 billion in consumer transactions over the past few years, including consumer partners JAB. With previous funding of $ 6 billion, JAB acquired the veterinary business. Now he plans to target pet care services, a market thriving thanks to the blockade.

Hedge funds After buying energy stocks dumped by green investors, they are cashed. UK and US fund managers are currently making large profits as energy prices skyrocket. These benefits include the Prime Brokerage divisions of Goldman Sachs, Crispin O’Day and Bison Interest. Lawrence Fletcher report.

And two Amazon San Francisco correspondent Dave Lee talks about Twitch, a live streaming platform owned by the US group. Huge Data Breach Post the service’s source code, the biggest featured earner, and other sensitive information. Meanwhile, Amazon has won a record amount of tax deduction This year, local authorities are trying to entice online shopping giants to expand their day or same day delivery networks in the region.

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Regulator excludes reimbursements for flights canceled by Covid Source link Regulator excludes reimbursements for flights canceled by Covid

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