Ruff truth: Here’s how expensive owning a dog can be if you live in Canada

Thinking of adopting a dog? Make sure you know what you’re signing up for — it’s not all hugs, belly rubs, and face licks.

Owning a dog in Canada can cost you between $3,530 and $4,410 a year, according to a new report released by the fresh dog food brand Kabo.

Of course, the expenses vary depending on whether you’re adopting a puppy from a shelter or buying one from a breeder. Where you live and your lifestyle can also affect your bills.

When you first get a dog, there are a ton of one-time expenses necessary to bear. If you adopt one, the first big expense (adoption fee) could be less, compared to the crater in your wallet that buying a purebred dog could leave.

Still, a leash here and a cozy bed there, and you leave the pet store with a receipt for $150. But what about other bills? What if your puppy needs his shots, or isn’t microchipped or spayed/neutered? It can cost up to $600 to spay or neuter your dog alone.

Kabo says the initial expense is worth it in the end. It’s the big annual expenses that can get heavy

You could end up spending $2,600 on wet or dry dog ​​food and treats, especially if your dog is on a special diet due to a medical condition. Add an extra $100 on chews and dental care.

Preventative medications can cost up to $200, and that’s outside of regular checkups and vet visits, but additional costs like emergency vet visits or dog daycare may arise.

If you’re moving out of town and don’t have a friend who can take care of your furry friend, a daycare session can cost $32 and dog walkers charge around $20. When the weather changes, your pup may need rain/snow boots, a warm winter jacket, or a grooming session to weather the summer heat.

“Pet insurance is often not something pet parents choose immediately, but if they choose to do so, it could cost around $1,000 a year,” she said. kabo.

Finally, if you are renting, some landlords require deposits for damage caused by pets.

Good luck keeping your deposit! Don’t forget to trim your dog’s nails and get him plenty of chew toys so he doesn’t end up destroying those baseboards.

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