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Sacramento County organizations offer COVID-19 vaccines for pets and their owners


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Several hundred dogs and cats were in the parking lot of the Sleep Train arena on Saturday as Sacramento Public Health, Front Street Animal Shelter and the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento teamed up to host a one-time vaccination clinic.

The clinic provided COVID-19 and influenza vaccines for humans, as well as microchips and free vaccines for pets.

Even though 12-week-old Loki didn’t like his bang too much, plenty of pet owners, like Angel Mubarak, lined up for his 7-year-old dog, Tyler.

“I didn’t expect to be so many people here. But I’m glad I came, ”Mubarak told FOX40.

Cars lined up for pet vaccines on one side of the parking lot, then waited for COVID-19 and flu shots on the other side of the parking lot.

The county animal control official came up with the idea for a combined clinic.

“How do we keep families together? How do you keep owners healthy? How do you keep animals healthy? And how can we ensure that access to this care is a low to no obstacle? Jase Huggins, Sacramento County Animal Control Officer asked.

“In fact, we’ve been running this clinic since last October,” said Public Information Coordinator Haley Waugh. “Each month, we welcome them to different parts of the city. So we can really go to the communities where we need it most.

The Mexican Consulate in Sacramento is celebrating Binational Health Week with several events, including Saturday’s, which focuses on health services.

Mexican Consul General Liliana Ferrer told FOX40, especially during the pandemic, that pets have played a very special role in our emotional and mental health.

“The winter months are coming. We all want to be healthy. We want to be strong so that we can take care of our pets, ”Ferrer said.

“I wanted to get him vaccinated. And he has been my great emotional support animal during this time of COVID. I really support the activities of the Consulate, ”said pet owner Martha Geraty. “The consulate does a great job with the community. “

The Consulate, as well as Sacramento County, will continue to provide services throughout the week.

“We will continue our collaboration with the Front Street animal shelter. We accompany them to their drive-thru clinics every month and it will continue, ”said Lynnan Svensson, Sacramento County Public Health Director.


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