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San Antonians Face Higher Grocery Bills Every Week, and Here’s What They’re Spending

Between rising gas prices and supply shortages affecting people’s daily lives, anyone with bills to pay knows that existence is a bit expensive, especially lately. But how much money are we seeing leaking from our bank accounts? A San Antonian was curious to know how much money locals spend each week, especially on groceries.

On Reddit, u/Pale_Adeptness just asked how much other San Antonio residents spend on groceries each week. He wrote that a trip to the store to feed and care for his family of five (consisting of himself with his wife, two toddler sons and an 8-month-old daughter) plus two family dogs costs between 180 $ and $220 per week.

“Now, I’m sure if we stuck to a ramen/mac and cheese diet, our grocery bill would be a lot cheaper, but I don’t want to destroy my family’s belly by doing this.” he in his message. “Races [have] has always been the one thing I don’t want to reduce unless we absolutely have to.

Grocery shopping seems to be a growing cost — and a concern — for San Antonio residents of all backgrounds and household sizes.

“Just me and the two dogs,” said one resident. “It went from about $120 a week to $160 a week.”

But as is the reality, some buyers need to consider supply issues, such as the recent baby formula shortage.

“Family of 4. Me, my wife, a toddler, a newborn. Between $200 and $250 a week,” said a father. “You have to buy the formula in bulk, so it’s still $150 to $200 when it’s available.”

Carol Jeske (front) and Brandy Tilley check out produce while waiting to buy some at Chico Boys Fresh Fruit and Vegetables recently. Jeske started her pantry by buying from small, remote grocery stores and convenience stores. She eventually found wholesale suppliers such as Chico Boys.

Kin Man Hui / Personal Photographer

Along with being aware of their cart total when they checkout, other shoppers have shared their own ways to save money.

“Have you heard of AAA Salvage Groceries on Presa?” asks a commentator familiar with the discount grocery store in Southtown.

“I started buying everything from the Hill Country Fair brand and focusing more on products that are still quite affordable. Especially the eggs,” another shopper points out.

Making tasty meals without breaking the bank — or even having enough money to eat, period — can continue to be a hassle. Rather than focusing on coupons or other age-old no-compromise ways to save money, local shoppers on Reddit were more interested in changing their habits, which may be a sign of the times.

“I avoided the fat [price] hikes because I stopped buying so much meat, especially beef,” one person said.

They weren’t the only Redditor to consider cutting meat consumption as a way to cut their grocery bills.

“Honestly, eating meat 3-4 times a week is perfectly fine,” says a reassuring San Antonio resident. “Rice, beans and some vegetables are cheap and more nutritious than many other meals. Just season well and mix with other things for flavor.

General food costs increased by approximately 10% from April 2021 to April 2022, making it the largest year-over-year increase since November 1980according to the latest data available.

I don’t know about all of you, but suddenly the amount under “YOU SAVED” on my HEB receipt doesn’t seem so comforting to me.