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Shepherd Veterinary Software Improves Customer Communication With All-New Pet Portal

Shepherd’s Pet Portal strives to take the stress out of the front desk by giving customers the ability to request appointments and prescription refills online. “Shepherd users are alerted to new requests directly in the software to view and take action when time allows, simplifying their daily workflow.” said Dr. Barnes. “This is a must-have feature for today’s busy practices.”

Appointment requests through the Pet Portal are available to new and existing customers. Your staff will respond to each request, instantly adding the appointment to your schedule and notifying the client.

The requests for prescription refills are endless. Customers now have access to their pet’s prescription history, number of refills remaining and an easy way to request a refill. Requests are immediately sent to the Shepherd dashboard, simplifying renewal approvals and client notifications. Once applications are approved, Shepherd Pay allows customers to pay the bill in their pet portal, instantly processing payment and updating your records.

Giving customers the ability to manage their pet’s care through the Pet Portal reduces the number of phone calls and frees up your staff to perform other important tasks. With Shepherd’s new pet portal, you can streamline communication with customers to give you more time, happier teams, and more opportunities to provide the best care.

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About Shepherd Veterinary Software

Shepherd was founded in 2016 by practicing veterinarian Dr. Cindy Barnes, DVM, CVSMT, with the vision of simplifying the management of a veterinary practice so that veterinarians can rekindle their joy and lead more fulfilled teams. Our veterinary practice management software (PIMS) is designed to work like veterinarians, with easy-to-use SOAP medical records and automation tools.

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