Supply stores

Some snowblowers are hard to find this winter.


SALT LAKE CITYAs Utah residents braced for a second snowstorm in just under a week, hardware stores were busy stocking shelves emptied by the latest snowfall.

While most of the items are ready to buy, there is one specific item that people may have a hard time finding.

Waves of shoppers showed up at Harris Ace Hardware in Brighton Pointe on Tuesday afternoon, looking for winter supplies.

Some came to get shovels, while others needed snow scrapers. A woman looked at the options for melting the ice, and a husband and wife asked a store associate about snow throwers.

Meanwhile, a group of employees walked in and out of the back storage room, to restock bags of melted ice on a center aisle display and hang ice scrapers on hooks.

They hauled supplies and pulled out snowblowers that just arrived on Monday. Owner John Harris explained that they were cleared from snow shovels and melting snow in less than 48 hours last week.

Many entered the store to purchase what was on the shelves, while others placed orders online to retrieve it.

“My team and I are working diligently to restock and be ready for what is to come over the next few days,” said Harris. “We’re back in stock for snow shovels, melting snow, snow scrapers, windshield washer fluid and even heaters for the coming cold snap. ”

He added that they also make sure to carry enough hand warmers, emergency roadside assistance kits, jumper cables, chains, kerosene, fire starters and firewood that people can buy.

While they’re all good at these essentials, he explained why buying a snow thrower can be a bit tricky, depending on which model customers want.

“We were faced with stock issues,” he said. Harris explained that some snowblowers are out of stock until the end of January.

“Manufacturers are still caught up in the pandemic,” said Harris. “Some components might not be the entire snow thrower, but might be a component or part that they need to finalize the assembly of this snow thrower, and so they’re all saved.”

Some customers are willing to wait for the specific model they want, but Harris has indicated they won’t be left behind.

“We have other choices here at the store to meet that need whether it is an emergency or a must today,” Harris said.

That’s why he recommended people stock up early and buy extra supplies, so they don’t rush around when it snows.

“I think preparation is the key,” Harris said. “The more diligently you prepare, the easier it will be and you will be able to enjoy the holidays.”