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Southeast Asia’s Largest Home Services Platform Ayasan Surpasses One Million Users

With over 1 million total users, Southeast Asia’s largest housekeeping/cleaning services platform is booming!

Expansion plans in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan

Ayasan, a home services platform (housekeeping, babysitting, nursing care, driver, cook, dispatching pet sitter) in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam) totaling 100,000 users to date, announces the renewal of its new application and web service. Ayasan (Location: Bangkok, Thailand, CEO: Kotaro Ise), a home service platform (housekeeping, babysitting, nursing, driver, chef, pet sitter dispatch service) in Indonesia, in Laos and Vietnam (total number of users to date: 100,000), announced the renewal of its new application and web service. Previously, the web platform focused on matchmaking services, but now the company will focus on subscription services (monthly subscriptions).

Founder Kotaro Ise said, “For now, there is no company like Grab, the transportation innovator, in Southeast Asia’s home service platform. I believe that now is a great opportunity to become the top of the top in this field. In the next three years, we hope to establish an absolute position in this field in Southeast Asia.

Announcing the renewal of new versions of web applications and services

– Super App specialized in home care services

1: Easy and simple functionality

2:Service focused on safety

3: Introduction to AI Matching

A great app that allows users to order housekeeping, babysitting, nursing, pet care, medical and insurance services from a single app. It is also equipped with an AI-based HR optimization feature. The app has a strong focus on security and includes insurance options in case of theft or loss in the home, a chat function to instantly connect with operators and a mutual evaluation system to ensure safety . The company also aims to improve its services through internal training and certification tests.

In recent years, the market for housekeeping and home care services in Southeast Asia has grown. With an average annual growth rate of 7%, the current market size is 2 trillion yen and is expected to reach 5 trillion yen by 2030. Although there is a great need for such services at home in Southeast Asia, there are still challenges ahead. in terms of convenience, safety and human resource development, and this startup’s mission is to solve these problems with the power of technology.

Ayasan plans to expand to Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan over the next two years.

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