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Supply chain issues lead to early holiday gift deals


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) – Thanks to the supply chain chaos caused by the pandemic, everything from Furnace Filters to Furbies, from light bulbs to Legos, may be running out this holiday season.

Money and finance expert Matt Sapaula told Adrienne Bankert, host of “Morning in America,” that store owners (even online) all face the same problem: Goods just don’t arrive fast enough. to keep shelves well stocked, which means many hot items may run out of stock for last minute shoppers … or even shoppers three weeks in advance.

According to Sapaula, everything from iPhones and game consoles to Pokémon cards comes from China, and right now there are hundreds of thousands of shipping containers on ships waiting to be unloaded at US ports.

“The ships have to dock, be unloaded, and then the goods have to get to the retailers,” Sapaula said.

Sapaula said that to take advantage of the shortage, entrepreneurs are widening the “Black Friday window” and launching deals now to sell the stock they have and attract the most customers.

Sapaula warned, “If you wait until Christmas, prices could skyrocket as there simply won’t be enough products on the shelves to buy. He hopes even traditional last-minute shoppers can be careful and not wait until Christmas Eve to shop.


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