Supply chain issues lead to empty shelves in CT grocery stores

The pandemic has led to the exhaustion or unavailability of many products, which has led shoppers to try alternative brands.

MANCHESTER, Connecticut – You may have noticed it in your local grocery stores: Store shelves are constantly empty and your favorite items or brands are not available.

Highland Park Market in Manchester is one of the many supermarkets dealing with this problem.

“However, it is very obvious that when you browse any store, things are missing on the shelves,” said Danita Sulick from Manchester.

Sulick is one of Highland Park Market’s many loyal customers, but lately the way she shops has changed as her favorite items aren’t available yet and prices have increased.

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Instead of filling her basket, she only buys what she needs.

“I tend to be one of those people who buy stuff and it stays in my fridge and I throw it away and I don’t throw away food anymore because I don’t buy that much,” Sulick added.

Lately, the supermarket’s biggest struggle is filling the shelves with Tropicana orange juice. Buyers, instead, are willing to try other brands like “Simply Orange”.

This is the mindset of David Maloney.

“There’s always some sort of substitute that you can usually find in the store and if you’re patient it will show up. It’s not like we’re running out of food,” Manchester’s Maloney said.

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Maloney said he had visited other supermarkets and noticed this was happening elsewhere as well.

“We have noticed in the last few weeks some orange juice problems, sometimes I was sent by the family to get some type of orange juice, say no pulp and it’s just not there and we have to buy something else. Some time ago it was bacon, I was sent for bacon and there was no bacon, ”Maloney added.

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When asked what the cause of this nationwide problem was, Molly Devanney, vice president of public relations for Highland Park Market, pointed out COVID-19.

“Employees who call their work because of illness, there are still not enough truck drivers, it does not have full capacity with regard to trains and freight moving from part of the states -United to one another, ”said Devanney.

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Another reason for the delay: Devanney said by the time the product arrives at the supermarket, the food has gone bad so it is brought back.

“We had a problem getting blueberries and the blueberries finally arrived and they stayed in port for a week so when they arrived we had to send them back as they were not up to quality standards. that we were looking for, ”added Devanney.

Orange juice aside, the frozen food department was visibly empty and Devanney said it would last until March or the end of May.

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