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Sustainable protein producer begins construction of new facility

SAN MATEO, CA. — Adisseo, an animal nutrition company, and Calysta, a protein supplier, announced that a new FeedKind® facility will soon open in Chongqing, China, as part of their joint venture, Calysseo. The facility is the world’s first commercial, industrial-scale facility to produce sustainable protein that does not rely on animal or plant-derived ingredients, according to the companies.

“The start of commissioning and start-up activities for our inaugural facility on schedule is a moment of which I am extremely proud,” said Pierre Casamatta, Co-CEO of Calysseo. “We are doing something that has never been done before on a large scale – reaching this milestone in such a short time during the extremely difficult implications of COVID-19 is incredibly rewarding and a testament to the skill and commitment of the Calisseo team, and that of our JV partners.

“We look forward to the first product to come out of the line and bring FeedKind to the Chinese aquaculture market,” he added.

The new facility will produce 20,000 tonnes of FeedKind Aqua protein per year for the aquaculture industry. The protein is formulated through a natural fermentation process using microorganisms to convert them into a nutritious non-GMO protein suitable for animal feed applications including aquaculture, pet food and livestock feed.

FeedKind protein powder. (Source: FeedKind)

If used as a replacement for conventional protein sources in food products, FeedKind could help save an estimated 420,000 tons to 450,000 tons of wild fish, and if used as a plant-based protein replacement, the ingredient could help free up more than 200 square miles of land and save 9 billion liters of water, making it an eco-friendly option, according to Calisseo.

“This is an important step as we move towards more sustainable forms of food manufacturing,” said Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo. “Calysseo and FeedKind offer a world first, a new sustainable, nutritious and non-GMO protein that offers significant health benefits over other food ingredients, such as better gut health and improved immune response. We have a long-standing commitment to improving the safety and sustainability of the food ingredients market and Calisseo fulfills an important part of this commitment.

“We will provide Chinese customers with a reliable and available supply of protein that meets their specific needs, produced in China for China,” Dublanc added. “We look forward to working with our customers as they begin integrating this product into their supply chains.”

FeedKind is expected to be available to customers from this year if construction of the facility is on schedule.

As the global aquaculture market is set to become the third largest source of animal protein, with production exceeding 100 million tonnes, Calaysta has partnered with Adisseo to seize an opportunity in aquaculture – supplying products better quality sea with less environmental impact.

“Cellular agriculture, where proteins are grown in a controlled environment, is essential to helping the world meet its future food needs,” said Alan Shaw, Ph.D., co-founder, CEO and president of Calysta. “Today will go down in history as an extremely important moment in the development and supply of new, sustainable sources of protein to meet growing global demand. For Calysta, today is the result of years of work to develop a protein without limits, which meets our growing demand for protein while protecting biodiversity.

“It also marks the start of a new phase in Calysta’s history as we work to produce additional protein ingredients for food and feed applications,” Shaw added. “We are proud to celebrate this milestone with our partner Adisseo and look forward to enjoying a fruitful relationship for many years to come.”

FeedKind has been validated to benefit sea bass, sea bream and salmon after years of extensive testing.

“Reaching this milestone follows decades of work and I am proud and excited to finally introduce FeedKind to the largest aquaculture market in the world,” said Allan LeBlanc, Head of Animal Nutrition at Calysta. “Over the years, we have proven that FeedKind is an extremely effective product that can help solve several challenges for feed producers and farmers.”

In addition to FeedKind, Calysta manufactures many other protein ingredients for use in animal feed and pet food.

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