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Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel offers Valentine’s Day photos with four-legged lovers

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel captures some sweet moments on camera at their upcoming Valentine’s Day smooch stand.

“We thought well where can they go to really get a great picture, have a wonderful experience, get free puppy cups and free treats from Hill’s Pet Nutrition and have a few fabulous minutes with their pet here at pet nursing hotel. said Founder and CEO Leslie Fleuranges.

About 20 people signed up to have their dog photographed by the staff. Fleuranges said people who sign up show that people appreciate their efforts to take care of their animals.

It helped to be free, but tips were welcome for arriving workers.

“Our customers have enough to spend their money on, especially in these times of inflation, trying to get to dinner and buying candy and stuff, so we wanted to make it as easy and as simple as possible for people to go out and celebrate their pets.”

Overall, the first Valentine’s Day photo shoot was a “paw-itive” day.

“Today was a perfect day for people to pay respect to their pets. I mean, pets provide unconditional love.

Fleuranges said they were looking to run a St. Patrick’s Day promotion with beer for the dogs and would take their photos for free.

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