The Animal Blessing Box in Hellertown will benefit pet owners in need

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A newly installed micro pantry specifically for pet owners and their furry friends will benefit many families in the Saucon Valley area. The Animal Rainbow Blessing Box outside Lehigh Valley Animal Crematorium Services on Front Street in Hellertown was dedicated in a brief ceremony on Wednesday and is now available for use by any pet owner in need.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the financial situation of many people has been significant; a fact evidenced by a proliferation of “blessing boxes”, which are small cupboards filled with food and other items that anyone in need can come and take.

However, people are not the only ones affected by soaring food prices. Unfortunately, in many cases, their pets are also being impacted by record inflation, supply chain issues, and other headline-grabbing post-pandemic economic fallout.

A new initiative from Lehigh Valley Animal Crematory Services Inc. in Hellertown seeks to address the growing problem of pet owners struggling to make ends meet at a time when pet adoption rates from shelters – fortunately – remain robust.

Deals, which is located at 415 Front Street in Hellertown, held a groundbreaking ceremony for its brand new Animal Rainbow blessing box on Wednesday, attended by two-legged friends and a few four-legged friends. Also in attendance were local donors involved in the pet food industry, including Nichole Repyneck Malone, representative of Royal Canin, who, together with Tony El Chaar of the Chaar pet food chain, made donation of items to help fill the overflow box on the occasion of its inauguration.

Nathan Kamp of Lehigh Valley Animal Crematory Services Inc. in Hellertown welcomed guests to an Animal Rainbow Blessing Box business dedication on Wednesday. The new pantry is located outside the Front Street business, where it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for anyone to take out or leave pet food and pet supplies. those who need it.

Director Nathan Kamp presided over the grand opening event, along with other employees of Lehigh Valley Animal Crematory Services Inc., part of a family of businesses owned and operated by Hellertown Mayor David Heintzelman. Other businesses that are part of the group include Heintzelman Funeral Home Inc. and the Carriage House at Heintzelmans, both located nearby.

“We would definitely like to thank everyone for today’s donation,” Kamp said. “This is the start of a new community enterprise focused on our animals. Donations are accepted from the community. Take some too, and definitely give some.

Pastor Phil Spohn of Christ Lutheran Hellertown delivered the blessing to the bright yellow box before attendees were invited inside for a reception.

Christ Lutheran houses a blessing box for people; one of at least half a dozen in the Hellertown area.


Pastor Phil Spohn of Christ Lutheran Hellertown provided spiritual context for the blessing box with a prayer he said during the dedication ceremony.

About 20 people attended the dedication of the new Animal Rainbow blessing box outside Lehigh Valley Animal Crematory Services Inc. on Front Street in Hellertown on Wednesday.

Several local puppies were on their best behavior — and perhaps looked a little hungry — at the Pet Blessing Box dedication.

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