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The Circle of Love Foundation needs your help to provide school supplies to children in need

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Back-to-school shopping is set to be more expensive this year, with inflation driving up the price of everything.

That’s why a local charity steps in, trying to provide school supplies to the children who need them most.

The Circle of Love Foundation launched its “Backpacks for Success” campaign last week in hopes of providing 500 backpacks and school supplies to children in need.

Circle of Love said the average cost for a backpack with school supplies was $75 per student last year.

And this year, it should be $90 for elementary students and $115 for high school students.

Getting these supplies into the hands of students is especially important to Circle of Love founder Doris Phillips.

She grew up in poverty, often cutting grass to save money to support her family.

And as a single mother at 16, she worked several jobs to feed her child.

Phillips said she knows the pain of being forgotten and is committed to preventing it from happening to other children.

“It is me and you, hand in hand, helping these children to understand that someone cares about them that they have not been forgotten and that we remember them and that we can giving something that isn’t just school supplies, it’s something that belongs to them that they own that gives them a little more control over their education,” Phillips explained.

Circle of Love has all 500 backpacks, but only has five weeks to collect school supplies.

If you would like to donate money and supplies, or volunteer, visit


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