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The Denison family nearly lost their dog after being shot


DENISON, Texas (KXII) – A Denison family nearly lost their pet this week after someone shot them with a gun a few feet from their home.

Sunday afternoon was like any other for the Glenn family, but that quickly changed when they heard a gunshot and saw their 3 year old Golden Retriever Able come out of that fence with a gunshot wound to the hip and blood coming out of his body.

“We really thought that as bad as his injury was, we were going to lose him eventually,” said Able owner Misty Glenn.

The Glenn family were about to go horseback riding on Sunday afternoon when they heard two gunshots and saw their dog Able with a gunshot wound to the hip.

“We don’t really know what happened, we just know he was definitely affected,” said Misty Glenn.

The Glenns immediately took him to the nearest vet clinic where Able would soon be undergoing 4 hour surgery.

The vet had to remove the remaining pellets from Able’s hip, the damage caused intense muscle damage to his back.

“Oh my God, who would even do that to a dog,” said Able owner Ryan Glenn.

The family are not sure if Able was in his yard or in the neighbor’s yard, but believe that someone who entered the neighbor’s yard was the result of the gunshot, as the neighbors were not at the house and that doesn’t bother Able on their ground.

This isn’t the first time they’ve been shot either, unfortunately the first dog died due to too much blood loss.

“We never called the police for illegal hunting, we heard a lot of gunshots and we always call the guy who rented it and we say hello, you are all there, but we did never really called the cops because we’re in the country, people practice shooting all the time, until he gets shot, we never really thought about it, ”said Misty Glenn .

The Glenns called the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office and the Game Wardens to investigate.

1 cow was another target in the shots but did not need a trip to the vet.

“We are so grateful to have him always with us and a part of our family,” said Misty Glenn.

Doctors have said Able should make a full recovery although there is a long process ahead of them, but that does not stop the Glenn family.

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