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The Sims 4 Animal Husbandry Guide


In various DLC for The sims 4, like Cat and Dogs and the new Cottage Living Expansion Packs, your Sims can keep and raise a variety of pets, although they may need their owners’ encouragement to make the magic happen.

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Not all animals that appear in The Sims are capable of procreating. Some just graze the land and get all the affection they need from passionate Sim owners. That being said, we have looked at and defined which species can create babies and how to raise those who do.

How to breed cats and dogs

Cats and Dogs The Sims 4 Dog Breeding Gamertweak Cat

Cats and dogs are reproducible with The Sims: Cats & Dogs expansion. Cats and female dogs can produce litters of one to three cubs. It depends on the luck of the draw and depends on how many family slots are currently available when the mom gives birth.

Each kitten and puppy will each occupy a family space. So if you are looking for a big happy furry family, you will need to make sure there is space to accommodate new members!


The mating cycle for cats and dogs

You may have suspected that only females can give birth, when it comes to animals and that’s okay. The gestation period will also only last around 24 hours in Sim time. This is different from previous games where animal pregnancies lasted as long as human Sims.

Females will indicate that they are in heat when little hearts revolve around them. You might also notice that a heart symbol appears in their thought bubble, just like a Human Sim does when it’s woohoo time.

Pets will usually need a little bit of encouragement at this point – after all, you wouldn’t want them running off and making little furry babies all over town. Interacting with a female pet at this point should prompt an option to “Encourage Mate” which allows you to set the gears in motion between the selected animal and an available companion of your choice.

Breeding isn’t always successful the first time around, so you may have to wait until your pet’s next heat cycle to try playing Cupid again.

It will be fairly obvious if a mating was successful:

Successful mating Pets will be rubbing their noses as a flurry of hearts swirl around them – no pet house is rocking at this time. The animal will also gain a positive mood.
Mating failure Animals that you’ve tried to play matchmaker for will react aggressively to each other and suffer negative moods from the botched experience.

Work and birth of pets

In due course, the pet will be visibly distressed with symptoms such as panting and pacing. Do not panic ! This is only an indication the animal went into labor. That and the game should trigger a push notification to alert you to the home event.

Your Sim does not need to take them to the Brindleton Bay Veterinary Clinic. Pregnant animals instinctively know what to do and lie down to let nature take its course when the time is right. A naming prompt will appear momentarily in the center of your screen when the litter is born, much like when a Human Baby Sim enters the world.

Professional breeding

Puppies and kittens can be sold by phone under the “Service rental” tab. Selling pets is different from putting a pet up for adoption and is only available to puppies and kittens, which means your sims might making animal husbandry a viable side activity or even a full-time career from home.

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How to keep chickens


With The Sims 4: Cottage Living, chickens are now also reproducible. Breeding works a little differently for our feathered friends. You’ll have to buy a chicken coop in which your sims can keep up to eight chickens.

Of course, the hens will lay eggs no matter what, but naturally you will have to keep a rooster in the henhouse to hatch. Any fertilized egg should be returned to the hen house, where it should be incubate under a hen for 24 hours.

If you have activated the Wild Fox Bundle Challenge, you will need to protect your chicken coop cunning bandits who will try to escape with the eggs. For this you can install fox alarm on the henhouse or count on your faithful llama to keep them away with their imposing attitudes and their impressive spitting of projectiles.

Rabbits, cows and llamas

Cow breeding llamas rabbits The Sims 4 cats and dogs Cottage Living steam simscommunity xboxplayGame
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Unfortunately you cannot breed cows and llamas in The Sims 4: Cottage Living. Unfortunately, cattle work more like in-game items. You will purchase them from the in-game store, where you can choose from a selection of color variations for the animal you have chosen. You will find cows and llamas where you buy the sheds in which your sims will keep them.

There are no rabbit breeding. In retrospect, that’s probably a good thing, as it might have gotten out of hand sooner rather than later if they could have reproduced like rabbits usually do. Instead, your Sims can attempt to befriend the merry hoppers and even dress them up in little knit sweaters.

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