The tour guide who lured the crocodile attack twins to the nesting place is a “sleazy” German who rode a motorbike with a spooky animal skull

The rogue tour guide who lured the British twins into a crocodile infested pool before they were attacked is a “shady” German named Recep Aydin who was riding a scary motorbike with a skull, The Sun can reveal.

Backpacker Georgia Laurie, 28, has been hailed as a “super badass” after saving her identical sister from the jaws of a croc by punching her several times in the face in Mexico’s isolated lagoon.


Melissa Laurie, left, was rescued from the jaws of a crocodile when her twin sister Georgia hit the beast on the muzzle
The guide who lured the British twins to the lagoon is now called Recep Aydin


The guide who lured the British twins to the lagoon is now called Recep Aydin

She fought off the predator’s attacks pulling unconscious Melissa out of the water after the beast threw her “like a rag doll” in the dark.

Recep, who is believed to be from the Ruhr area of ​​Germany, repeatedly told the twins that it would be safe to swim in a stream leading to the Manialtepec lagoon.

But the area, 12 miles from the resort town of Puerto Escondido, is known by licensed tour guides to be breeding ground for crocs.

Recep, 35, had already been floating around Puerto Escondido for six months before the shocking incident, doing odd jobs and “jostling”, residents said.

It has been described by backpackers as “sleazy” and “a little sleazy”.

Shortly after the attack, probably fearing that Melissa would not survive, Recep packed his bags and disappeared.

It is not known where he is currently, while his motorcycle was found by The Sun decorated with the skull and horns of a bull chained to the handlebars.

Contacted by The Sun, Mahir Yilmaz, who acquired the motorcycle just after the attack, declined to comment on their arrangement.

But he, too, left town in the days following the near-fatal incident, riding Recep Aydin’s motorcycle through Mexico to the southernmost state of Chiapas.

Last Sunday he arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas, the state’s cultural capital, just a three-hour drive from the Guatemalan border.

The attack on June 6 left Melissa in an induced coma with water-filled lungs and abdominal injuries that penetrated her stomach and intestines, resulting in sepsis.

Aydin was riding a motorbike adorned with a skull and horns


Aydin was riding a motorbike adorned with a skull and horns
Surprisingly, the girls plan to continue their journey, despite their ordeal


Surprisingly, the girls plan to continue their travels, despite their ordealCredit: Rex
Melissa Laurie fought for life in an induced coma


Melissa Laurie fought for life in an induced comaCredit: ITV

She has now woken up from her coma and left the hospital.

The zookeeper was dragged underwater while swimming at night in the Manialtepec Lagoon, ten miles from the Puerto Escondido surf resort.

Georgia heard her sister’s cry for help and found her floating face down on the surface.

As she dragged her twin to safety, the crocodile again attacked and savage the two women.

Georgia fended off the beast with a flurry of punches and swam to the boat.

Photos released last week showed Melissa in a hospital gown alongside her sister and friends at an Oaxacan hospital.

Other photos show a tear on the right side of Melissa’s nose, which is her only visible injury other than the ones under her dress.

Her sister told ITV News: “We saw the crocodile and tried to swim to safety, but unfortunately my sister did not escape it – so it took her.”

She added: “We tried to call her by name but there was no response so I went to my friends and tried to find my friends and then I just saw her. body float towards me.

“I went into action with my lifesaving training that I remember and dragged her body towards me and laid her on my chest and tried to recover and she started to do a crisis.

“And the crocodile came back twice – so I beat him but the third time was when I suffered the most injuries.”

The Manialtepec Lagoon in Mexico is popular with tourists


Manialtepec Lagoon in Mexico is popular with touristsCredit: Getty
The crocodile grabbed Melissa by the leg before dragging her into a death roll


The crocodile grabbed Melissa by the leg before dragging her into a death rollCredit: Alamy

Despite the nightmarish incident and the two injured, the Sandhurst, Berks. Duo insisted they wouldn’t end their dream trip to Mexico early.

Georgia told The Sun, “Melissa has a broken wrist that will take longer to heal than her other injuries.

“She might as well recover here rather than be bored at home.

“We’re definitely not going to finish our world tour. We want to continue. I can recover well here and she too.”

The girls were part of a group of 25 tourists who were taken to an area of ​​Manialtepec Lagoon, known for nesting crocodiles.

Georgia said she realized her sister looked like she was “shaking” – before she saw a two-foot-long crocodile head emerging from the water.

“That’s when he grabbed her by the leg and put her in a death roll. She went around in circles and he was trying to drag her away,” she said. declared.

“I was hammering him, and that’s when he grabbed me and bit my arm. I hit him with the other hand and he let me go. is produced three times.

“The battle of fangs seemed to go on for a long time but the adrenaline rush had kicked in.”

She says she “hit” the creature on the nose with both fists – adding, “It was hard, like hitting a table.”

Georgia Laurie provides update on twin sister after being attacked by crocodile in Mexico
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