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‘These Dogs Live a Hero’s Life’: Overview, Pet Grooming Centers

New Delhi: Forget humans, animals too will get groomed in high-end hotels in India.

DCC (Dogs Cats & Companions) Animal Hospital and Andaz Delhi have partnered to meet the health and wellness needs of the hotel’s furry guests.

DCC Animal Hospital & Petcare will provide specialized pet health and grooming services for hotel guests under the collaboration.

With an increasing number of pet parents traveling with their pet companions on property trips, stays and moves, the property now offers an experience as exquisite for pets as it is for their owners. The hospitality giant sees a high number of expatriates and long-term international visitors, many of whom are accompanied by their pets.

DCC Animal Hospital & Pet care has become the best partner in the collaboration, meeting the exceptional standards of both organizations. In addition to pet care and grooming, it will provide boarding with experienced dog handlers and a variety of fun and recreational activities for pets.

The hotel will refer its guests’ animals to DCC for grooming or any other type of consultation as part of this unique collaboration.

With the hospitality industry becoming increasingly pet-friendly, this collaboration is a great step in providing a complete and healthy experience for guests while setting them apart from the competition.