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Thief Steals 250,000 Pokemon Goods From Forest Lake Shop | Minnesota News

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The owners of a business in Forest Lake said a thief broke into their game store and stole Pokémon merchandise they estimated to be worth $250,000.

The Star Tribune reports that the thief evaded the store’s extensive security system on Thursday morning by breaking into a vacant business next door and then breaking through the wall to enter the game store’s storage areas.

Security footage shows the intruder crawling through the hole, noticing the camera, then covering it with tape, leaving fingerprints in the process. The thief removed the inventory from two rooms without entering the main store, which would have set off an alarm.

Twin brothers Eric and Mike Johnson are co-owners of Punch-Out Gaming. Eric Johnson said the thief focused on Pokémon, leaving behind an all-new X-Box One game system as well as their bank bag.

Pokemon are a rare commodity these days. The value of some trading cards has skyrocketed, in part due to speculators buying new cards as soon as they hit stores and then reselling them online for hundreds of dollars.

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