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This viral pet toy from Amazon moves like a real fish and is on sale

When it comes to spoiling your pet, it can sometimes seem like a no-brainer. Whether it’s buying them food that has all the right healthy ingredients, clothes that will keep them packaged, or a bed that they can take long afternoon naps in, there’s plenty to choose from. . One of those pet items that makes your pet feel like they can’t get enough? Toys!

As someone who also can’t stop spoiling their furry friend, I think I just found my cat’s new favorite thing to play with. The fun gadget is none other than the Potaroma Floating Fish Toyavailable on Amazon, and it’s currently on sale for $13!

Featuring a built-in motion sensor, when touched, the fish swoops up and down, mimicking restless movements like a real fish. The results will keep them entertained for hours thanks to its long-lasting built-in battery that can be recharged by its free USB cable. There’s no need for pesky batteries here!

“Finally found a toy my cat won’t get bored with in a day,” wrote one buyer. “She loves her fish. I can barely get it out of her to reload. I’ll buy another one for backup!”

And if you’re worried about the fish getting dirty, don’t be! Its cover is 100% washable, so let your cat fully embrace its wild side. Speaking of the wild side, each toy comes with a pouch of fresh catnip that you can access by unzipping the zipper at the fish’s belly. Feel free to refresh the catnip pouch with your own supply for maximum enjoyment.

Although advertised as a cat toy, other furry friends like dogs can also have fun with the toy. Due to the moving tail mechanics, we recommend offering it to medium or smaller dogs so the toy can last longer. Here’s to more energetic play days ahead!

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