Thorp woman sentenced to 10 days in jail for zipping and dog abandonment

NEILLSVILLE — A 36-year-old Thorp woman, authorities say, tied a dog’s front legs together and dumped him on a road. He pleaded without contest on Tuesday afternoon to intentionally mistreating an animal.

Clark County Circuit Judge Lyndsey Brunette found Jill M. Warminski guilty of misdemeanor animal abuse and obstruction of an officer. The animal abuse charge was reduced to a felony animal abuse charge.

Brunette sentenced Warminski to 10 days in jail, placed her on one year of probation and ordered her to do 15 hours of community service, pay expenses and undergo counseling. Brunette also ordered Warminski not to own, possess or train any animals for four years.

According to the criminal complaint, on October 26, 2020, a caller reported finding a dog with a zip tie around its two front legs under a bridge railing on Pine Road in Thorp. The person who found the dog took it to a pet groomer, who removed the dog tether.

A deputy saw that the dog had cuts to the front legs deep enough for the bones to be visible, according to the complaint. An animal rescuer took the pup to a clinic where a veterinarian treated him and put casts on both lower legs, according to the complaint.

When the Clark County Sheriff’s Office posted on social media that deputies were looking for information about the dog, they were contacted by people who said they believed the dog belonged to Warminski and her husband, according to the complaint.

Witnesses told deputies the Warminski family had two dogs – the brown found tied up and a black one. The two dogs belonged to the same litter, according to the complaint.

Students at Thorp High School reported that the brown dog belonged to the Warminski family and a family member said the dog was tied up and dumped in a lake, according to the complaint. The family member said the dog left to join his brother.

When officers spoke to Warminski, she said she was the one who tied up the dog and no one else had anything to do with it, according to the complaint. She said her children couldn’t take care of the dog, she couldn’t afford to feed him, and no one would take him. Warminski said the day she left the dog, he jumped up and she kept telling him to stop, but she couldn’t get the dog to behave.

Warminski said she knew what she did was wrong and she didn’t know why she did it, according to the complaint.

Warminski said she gave the black dog to someone else, but couldn’t remember the person’s last name. The person then called officers and said Warminski called her and asked her to “cover up” for Warminski saying she took the black dog, according to the complaint.

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