Three dogs, allegedly living in the IITM enclosure, rushed to Chennai ho- Edexlive

Three dogs that are said to have resided in IIT MadrasThe stray dog ​​enclosure was rushed to a private pet clinic in the city due to health concerns. While a few photographs EdexLive has had access to show malnourished dogs with severe skin infections, the doctor’s note says all three haven’t eaten in a very long time.

The dogs were taken to the pet clinic by the city’s veterinarian and animal activist Dr Shiranee Pereira, who co-founded the NGO People For Animals. Pereira, who is also on the committee formed by IIT to watch dogs, said two dogs have been admitted to SK Pet Hospital in Chennai and one of them is at home with her.

While the institute previously said the dogs were captured for vaccination and sterilization, the order also says the dogs have not been vaccinated or dewormed and are anemic. The hospital where the dogs are treated confirmed this fact to EdexLive.

According to the account of an animal activist present at the hospital while offering food, two dogs initially refused to eat, but all were forced to consume food.

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A week ago, the institute admitted that 30% of the dogs it had captured since October 2020 to sterilize had died in its enclosure. According to the latest data, 188 dogs were captured by the administration of the institute in October 2020. While 56 dogs died, 14 were released and 29 were adopted. Two dogs had escaped from the scene. The IIT’s capture of dogs had caused a stir among animal activists across town. A few days ago, a police complaint was filed by an activist against the clerk of the institute to “kill 45 dogs”.

We have written to the institute for a response on this matter. This copy will be updated once they respond. Speaking to EdexLive a week ago, an IITM spokesperson said, “Every dog ​​on our campus is microchipped and three separate pens have been provided. The institute has appointed a full-time veterinarian and five dog handlers to take care of the dogs on campus 24 × 7. The facility has been inspected by various government agencies and the dogs are fed based on the expert advice given. “

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