Toronto Maple Leafs News and Chat: Did the Leafs finally set a price too high?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have always had one of the most expensive and hardest tickets to find * anywhere in the league. This is a testament to the popularity of this team despite not even losing a Stanley Cup final for more than half a century.

* Not including resellers

However, it seems that only the first is true. While tickets are still extremely expensive – the face value of a ticket for a standing room alone is $ 131 – they don’t seem to be hard to come by lately. I receive numerous emails regarding tickets available several times before match days, and at least once on match day.

Normally the only emails I get are about last minute tickets that go on sale; leftover company and team tickets that are not used. For the longest time that’s all, other than the preseason sale. Now I have been offered partial season tickets.

Partiel. Seasons. Tickets.

From a team that had a decades-long waitlist to even get an offer to buy a full season, the Maple Leafs are shrinking to the level of the Panthers, Sabers and Oilers by offering tickets for seasons. partial.

Now some people will point out that we are still in the midst of a pandemic and not everyone would feel comfortable being in a sold-out Scotiabank arena that regularly sells out beyond. of the indicated capacity of 18,800 for hockey. Yes, that’s true, but in a city of over 3 million people and a surrounding area of ​​a few million more, I find it hard to believe that out of the 7.8 million people living in the GTA / Golden Horseshoe, you can’t find 20,000 of those who would want to attend a Leafs game even now. That’s 1 / 500th of the population, 0.002%, and not even that many people who want to attend a Leafs game? Nope. I don’t buy it.

What I buy as the most important factor is a number at the top of this story.

$ 131.

The cost of a STANDING PLACES ticket to the Maple Leafs. Also this partial subscription package? 18 games for $ 1,800. $ 100 per game. Virtually a good deal.

I think I’m silly, here’s a link to tickets for Friday’s game. Make sure to go into filters and turn off “Verified Resellers”. While prices seem to have come down since opening night, you still plan to spend almost triple digits on a standing room ticket once all is said and done, and expect to pay $ 151 for the last seat. , against the wall, in section 302. Here is an overview of the number of tickets available for Friday’s game at 10 p.m. last night:

In all of my adult life, especially when I was young and dumb with money, and lived a 5 minute walk from the arena, it got easier and easier to get tickets. In the midst of Dave Nonis, Brian Burke was at the time of the loss, it was more difficult to get a ticket to see Joey Crabb center Phil Kessel than it is now to see John Tavares and Auston Matthews line up as the top two crosses.

I think the Maple Leafs have finally done it.

They’ve finally hit the cap on how much Leafs fans will pay to sell the SBA.

I hope they watch these attendance numbers and think about it.

Now some news

I never said it would be good news.

Specie went to see the Marlies this weekend!


The Canadiens are 0-4 to start the season and I love it!

The new GM is already on the chopping block.

Oh no, not two owners who mingle in the Atlantic!

The Canucks aren’t off to a good start either. Oh, I hate * seeing other Canadian teams do badly.

*I’m a liar

We should buy a billboard outside the Bell Center and put this heat map.

Bring back the songs of Nic Petan!

Hey, enjoy your day everyone.

Hope you have a good one.

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