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Treat your four-legged friend to an unforgettable experience at these luxury pet-friendly hotels

As pet owners, wouldn’t you like to spoil your fur babies with a life of luxury and royal treatment? Well, luxury pet-friendly hotels offer the right kind of services that meet the needs of your furry best friend.

Pet-friendly hotels are becoming increasingly popular among animal lovers. From “spaw” treatments to gourmet meals, your pets can now enjoy five-star vacations at some of the most luxurious pet hotels in the world. Are you “kitten” me? No we are not.

From cats and dogs to even exotic pets, you can drop off your pets for a few days or weeks of fun and care at these hotels with amenities such as indoor play areas, dog pools, grooming, day spas, wellness treatments and private suites.

Some of them also offer an on-site gourmet chef, personal overnight attendants, and other recreational and therapeutic activities aimed at giving your furry kids the best getaway possible.

Plus, whether it’s pampering your pets with mud masks, relaxing massages, and pedicures, these resorts follow the “pets are people too” approach to at the end.

So the next time you plan to go away for the weekend, don’t hesitate to leave your cats and dogs at these unique properties that treat your pets like royalty.

A look at eight of the world’s most luxurious pet hotels

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, United Kingdom

Located in Dewsbury, the award-winning five-star hotel for cats was opened in 2015 by the Ounsley family in England. It offers services such as rejuvenating VIP spa treatments and indoor and outdoor activities, set in stunning countryside and has lavish suites that exude royal dignity.

Pet parents can choose from the Luxury Hotel, the beautiful Lodge, or the Tower Suites for their cats. On top of that, 12 stately suites come with amenities like heated floors, animal-themed bedrooms, stunning outdoor balconies, plush bedding with the highest quality linens, and feature walls. Massive stimulating activities, LED TVs, toys and accessories to entertain your cats. .

The hotel’s cat-themed interiors and architectural details are all chosen to provide the most feline luxury, play and relaxation.

You can end your fun day with bonfires and snuggle up with your cats on chilly evenings at the hotel.

The Barkley Pet Hotel, USA and India

Image: Courtesy of Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa/

Another pet hotel you should add to your bucket list is the Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Camp located in Cleveland and Los Angeles in the United States, and Worli and Malad in Mumbai, India.

The pet care facility and luxury hotel was conceptualized and built by a team of top US veterinarians, pet trainers, psychologists, architects and builders. United to guarantee authenticity and maximum comfort. The Barkley Pet Hotel was first opened in Cleveland in 2007, followed by another hotel in Los Angeles in 2012.

With the cutest “Chief Canine Officer” and namesake, Barkley the Golden Retriever, on the 1,487 square meter (approximately) property in Cleveland, cats, dogs and even birds will be warmly welcomed to be pampered.

The hotel is equipped with features like indoor dog pools and cabanas, plus bright and airy poolside suites with spacious floor plans. Suites and play areas are built with specialized materials and technology to reduce stress and noise elements that tend to bother pets.

Combined with air conditioning, leather furnishings, luxury bedding for dogs, prompt room service and a veterinary lounge, the Barkley Pet Hotel is sure to offer man’s best friend the cream of the crop. of the cream of luxury pet vacations.

Puppy suites are equipped with webcams so their “parents” can stay connected with their fur babies even when they’re away. Barkley offers indulgent mud masks, soothing massages, grooming salons, spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, and therapy activities for your cats and dogs, making it one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the world. world.

Urban Tails, UAE

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Image: Courtesy of Urban Tails

Opened in 2010, Urban Tails Dubai is a luxury pet-friendly hotel that features dog pools, spacious and bright dog suites, day cares, and air-conditioned limo service on request.

The first of its kind in the Gulf region, the resort also offers luxurious kitten condos, junior suites with plasma TVs, and activities that will help your pets make other furry friends. The resort is also equipped with webcams that allow pet owners to monitor their furry children.

Urban Tails offers dog daycare and three types of air-conditioned play areas to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation for your pets.

Grand Dogaroo Pet Friendly Hotel, Hong Kong

Located on Waterloo Road, the 744 square meter (approx) Grand Dogaroo Pet Hotel is a registered luxury daycare and boutique hotel with accommodation for 50 dogs and cats. It also offers pick-up and drop-off services, a grooming salon, spa facilities, and training sessions for your fur babies.

Plus, the resort can also arrange pickup and drop-off for pets, making it super convenient for owners with time constraints.

With heated indoor pools, administered by professional swim coaches, for playtime and exercise, we’d say even humans would be jealous of the luxury and comfort that pets revel in at the Grand Dogaroo.

Jet Pet Resort, Canada and USA

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Image: Courtesy of Jet Pet Resort

In 2010, the Jet Pet Resort began as a daycare center but is now a luxury pet resort in Canada and the United States. It thrives on the “happy pets, happy parents” philosophy.

With state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art features to keep your pets safe and sound, Jet Pet Resort has become a go-to place for pet owners across the country.

Boasting luxury boarding services and an on-site dog spa with personalized care, the hotel also has outdoor and indoor enclosed courtyards for pets to enjoy the sunlight and take a comfortable nap in the lounge. .

They offer personalized services to your dogs and cats and cater to all kinds of breeds. The complex also monitors each animal’s dietary needs and administers medications and veterinary care.

With detailed email reports generated daily, you won’t have to worry about a thing when you leave your pet here. At Jet Pet Resort, every dog ​​and cat has their day, every day.

Canis Resort, Germany

Image: Courtesy of Canis Resort

Located in Freising near Munich, Canis Resort is a luxury hotel for dogs with high-end services such as boarding, exclusive lodges with private gardens, health care, grooming and training. In addition to night watch, dog sitters care for pets 24 hours a day at the resort.

Able to accommodate only five dogs of the same breed in a kennel at a time, the luxurious spaces are designed by architect Helgo von Meier with input from landscape architect Andreas Kicherer.

The lodges have been conceptualized with attention to detail, keeping in mind a dog’s anthropometry, playfulness and ease of movement. The architecture is contemporary, minimalist and functional.

The dog houses are wrapped with a knitted steel wire mesh, reaching a height of three meters from the ground to ensure the safety of the animals. Despite the sturdy material, the design looks fluid, thanks to the nest-like shape of the knitted steel wire mesh around the lodges.

The Vet Lounge, Australia

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Image: Courtesy of The Vet Lounge

Founded by Dr Michael Woodcock and Marianne Conolly in 2010, The Vet Lounge has grown into the largest veterinary clinic and luxury pet hotel on Australia’s Gold Coast in five years.

Their premium dog and cat boarding services include air-conditioned, well-designed luxury suites with amenities such as water fountains, soothing music, personal TVs and diffusers to create a soothing ambiance for pets. It also helps them settle into their holiday home. The vet lounge also includes spacious play areas for pets to mingle.

With a veterinary clinic as a base, all pet owners can be stress-free, with on-site veterinary and nursing services seven days a week. This can be helpful for those in need of medical attention and a 24 hour monitoring.

Pet’s Dream Park Hotel, Taiwan

Originally created to tackle the problem of helpless strays in the city, Taipei’s revolutionary Pet’s Dream Park Hotel now offers a summer camp-like experience for fur babies. Its facilities include pet boarding, pet care and bathing services, luxury VIP rooms, swimming pools, grooming salons, classes and play areas.

Established in 2005, each dog in this 835 square meter hotel enjoys a private room, equipped with web cameras that their parents can monitor throughout the day. Dogs (and an occasional cat) can mingle and socialize with other dogs in the play area.

The hotel premises are clean, hygienic and elegant. All litters and products used are antibacterial and hypoallergenic to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

The hotel is open 24 hours a day all year round, with guards on duty.

Hero and featured image: Courtesy of Justin Veenema/Unsplash