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Turtle with egg-related syndrome undergoes laparoscopic surgery

Pune’s LITTLE Animal Clinic successfully carried out egg-related laparoscopic surgery on a tortoise who had been suffering from egg-related syndrome for six months and could not eat properly.

The operation was performed by a team led by Dr. Narendra Pardeshi, a veterinarian at the clinic. This was very successful and the turtle, affectionately called Ladoo, can now eat easily without any difficulty.

Prem Luniya’s family recently became concerned as their pet Ladoo was not eating properly and looked weak and lazy. They consulted various veterinarians who could not offer any solution to their problem.

Dr Pardeshi said: “When Ladoo came to see us on January 15, she was in terrible condition – weak, tired and not eating at all. A small amount of liquid barely kept her alive. Her x-ray and ultrasound revealed that the star tortoise had been suffering from persistent egg-related syndrome for six months. She tried hard to get the eggs out, but it didn’t happen. His hemoglobin level went down. The syndrome is common in tortoises and tortoises but diagnosed very rarely.

Dr Narendra Pardeshi said: ‘It is not permitted to keep the pet under the Exotic Animals Act. The turtle was rescued and only helped with proper treatment. In open surgery, the expert has to cut the shells and it takes about 6-8 months for a tortoise or tortoise to fully recover, whereas, in this laparoscopic egg-related surgery, the first of its kind, healing takes place. produced within 3 days as there is no need to cut the shell. After saving and healing it completely, the turtle, which is an important part of the environment, will return to the environment it belongs to.