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TV actress Kenisha Bharadwaj finds stolen Persian cat

The cat, Karis, had been stolen from the bandstand in Bandra while in a cage in a rickshaw on July 6

Kenisha Bharadwaj reunites with Karis; we also see API Ajay Kamble from Bandra police station

It was a momentous day for actress Kenisha Bharadwaj on Saturday night as she was later reunited with her stolen Persian cat. And it was a heartbreaking moment for the seven-year-old boy who had found him and kept him with him for the past few days, to let him go. But Bharadwaj made the perfect offer to get her beloved pet back – she promised to give the boy a cat of the same breed! One he didn’t refuse.

The cat, Karis, had been stolen from the Bandra Bandstand while in a cage in a rickshaw on July 6 and Bharadwaj had been out for a while. The motorist also had moved away for a few moments. The police discovered that another motorist stole it and are looking for it.

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Speaking to Midday API, Ajay Kamble from Bandra Police Station said: “The cat was stolen on July 6th and we suspect the accused took her to his house. He probably tried to sell the cat but unable to do so, he threw her in a trash can near the Lucky Hotel in Bandra West.For almost 10 days the cat stayed in and around the trash can and ate everything it found.

Toufiq Shabbir Ali found the cat and brought her home
Toufiq Shabbir Ali found the cat and brought her home

“After almost 10 days, 7-year-old boy Taufiq Shabbir Ali found this cat outside the trash can and brought it home. But the cat got sick and Taufiq’s parents took her away. at a pet clinic in Bandra West,” added API Kamble. said.

As the police had circulated the photos of the cat to all veterinary clinics, hospitals and NGOs etc., the clinic vet called them. Police attended the clinic and made a video call to Bharadwaj who identified him as Karis. The police then called her, Toufiq and her parents to the police station.


Bharadwaj was very happy to see Karis which was given to her by a friend. “She was in the hands of a 7-year-old boy and he wasn’t ready to give her back because he was quite attached to Karis. He even named her Sweety. I promised Toufiq that I would give him a another cat of the same breed and made him understand that it was my cat that had been stolen. Only after that he was ready to return my cat. Toufiq also told me to take care of my cat and not to leave it anywhere.

Toufiq’s mother, Shabnam Shabbir Ali, said: “When Toufiq brought the cat home, we saw that it was different and we kept her. But then she got sick. Toufiq was very attached to her. her. When we found out the cat was stolen, we decided to return it to its owner.”
API Kamble said: “Finally the cat has found its owner. We are looking for the driver of the car that stole the cat with the cage from Bandra. We have found clues and will arrest him soon.”