U.S. machine shop tackles global shortages head-on with major supply purchase

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Amid global shortages of critical materials and delays at major shipping ports, a full-service machine shop and manufacturing lab are investing in product materials to ensure it can meet the needs of its customers without delay and keep the spindles running and the machinists employed.

In 2020, maintaining a healthy manufacturing business has been particularly difficult due to the uncertainties of COVID-19. And as these challenges have escalated in 2021, the team at Phillips Precision, Inc. has looked to the future.

To mitigate the risk of running out of supplies needed to produce their quick-swap fastener systems, Phillips Precision purchased at least a year of aluminum and other critical manufacturing materials. Part clamping is essential and quick-change modular fixtures are needed for manufacturing companies faced with shrinking manpower and increasing demand for quality.

“Our fastener products and services have already had a huge impact on manufacturing worldwide for big companies like Boeing, Apple and Amazon, and if we had a production problem due to a lack of material, it would be. detrimental to the entire production process of many heavy-duty vehicles in the industry, ”said Allan DeLisle, Technical Sales Coordinator at Phillips Precision.

empty_picture.png - in 2 minutes

Industrial supply companies like MSC Direct have come to Phillips Precision before expecting long lead times, DeLisle says, but after learning that all products are in stock and ready to ship, they left “pleasantly surprised. and relieved, “he said.

Phillips Precision’s quick-swap systems reduce inspection and laser marking setup time to minutes, eliminating workflow bottlenecks. The Arsenal® Laser and Arsenal® Inspection are the only quick-change universal mounting systems for laser marking and engraving. They include rails of multiple lengths that combine with any CMM, vision system, or laser marking system, creating durable, pre-fabricated fixtures.

Capable of holding multiple parts, quick-swap systems use mounting plates and non-marking trigger clamp components for laser engraving and welding.

The Boylston, Massachusetts-based company specializes in complex machining services and the design of light-duty laser inspection and marking devices for various industries such as the food, aerospace and construction industries. medical.

This article was sponsored by Phillips Precision, Inc., an ISO 9001: 2015 registered machine shop.

Image Credit: Phillips Precision, Inc.

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