UC Davis Veterinary Hospital Launches Stomatitis Clinic

First-of-its-kind clinic caters exclusively to veterinary patients suffering from this debilitating oral disease

UC Davis Veterinary Hospital has announced that its Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery (DOSS) is opening a monthly stomatitis clinic. According to a statement from the university,1 this will improve care for patients with this endemic oral disease and provide state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic options.

UC Davis soft launched the services in July and August and on September 8, 2022 will officially launch a 2-day “stomatitis only” receiving and treatment schedule. The DOSS will continue to reserve 2 days per month exclusively for patients with stomatitis.

Stomatitis can be debilitating for dogs and cats and is usually poorly or incompletely defined. Currently, none of the available treatment methods are fully effective.1 However, “UC Davis is considered the leader in feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS) research,” according to Maria Soltero-Rivera, DVM, DAVDC, who will lead the clinic. “The creation of a specialist clinic, for cats and dogs, is the next step in the natural progression of our groundbreaking work on the disease.”

Over the past 10 years, DOSS has made progress in FCG research, including initiating a new clinical trial using stem cell therapy. As the success of the trial increased (72% of cats treated had positive results), it evolved into various national trials at several clinics and universities. The final product for an accepted FCGS treatment protocol is approaching FDA approval.1

Since stomatitis negatively affects an animal’s quality of life, patients with the disease are considered a high priority. Thus, the allotted time offered by the Stomatitis Clinic can be increased to more than 2 days per month if there is such a demand. In addition, cases of severe stomatitis can still be seen by the emergency department on additional days of the month.

“One of the goals of this dedicated clinic is to ease the burden on pet owners who are battling this terrible disease and are having trouble making appointments,” Soltero-Rivera said.1

The stomatitis clinic will also serve as a platform for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies, using next-generation and regenerative technologies. It will act as a possible enrollment platform for current and future clinical trials such as FCGS stem cell therapy and the evaluation of biomarkers that will predict patient response to treatment.

“We hope clinic clients will be thrilled that their pet will not only receive a breakthrough treatment for this debilitating disease, but will also help pave the way to a cure,” added Soltero-Rivera.1


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