WhatsApp Chat with Gehana Vasisth Reveals Identity of Roy Evans, HotShots Content Manager

As the investigation into the Mumbai porn video racketeering continues, India Today has managed to gain access to WhatsApp chats which reveal the true identity of Roy Evans, the content manager of the HotShots app. Working under a pseudonym, Roy Evans is none other than Raj Kundra’s assistant, Umesh Kamat.

The adult film industry operates on condition of anonymity. After Raj Kundra’s arrest last month, Mumbai Police investigated others involved in the porn videos case. Through Whatsapp chats and phone number tracing, it was discovered that Umesh Kamat had assumed the identity of Roy Evans and was chatting with models and producers under the pseudonym.

Umesh Kamat’s pseudo-identity was revealed during the panchanama after his arrest on February 21, 2021, according to police.

“In November 2020, Kamat verified his UK number +447385 156599 and OTP for this verification was sent to Pradeep Bakshi in UK. Pradeep Bakshi is the owner of UK company Kenrin LTD and parent of Raj Kundra. Bakshi and Kundra managed the operation of this company, ”the document reads.

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According to the police, the operations of various apps like HotShots and Bollyfame were done through various WhatsApp groups like H ACCOUNTS, Bolly Fame, H TAKE DOWN, etc.

Umesh Kamat reportedly informed Raj Kundra and Pradeep Bakshi of the daily operation of these applications on these WhatsApp groups.

Thanks to this British number, Umesh Kamat would have used to finalize the scripts, coordinate the shoots and discuss with potential models. Kamat reportedly used to communicate with potential models on an individual basis and finalize them later.

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The truth about Evans’ identity was confirmed during his conversations with Gehana Vasisth.


India Today was able to access the WhatsApp chat between Umesh Kamat and Gehana Vasisth, dated September 15, 2020. The chat between the two said:

Gehana Vasisth: yes sir

Umesh: In UK we are not users to call us Sir and you can all call me Roy or Mr. Evans please

Gehana Vasisth: Good sir. Then I’ll call you Mr. Roy.

Umesh: thank you. Mr Evans please because Roy is my first name 🙂

Gehana Vasisth: Mr. Evan.

WhatsApp chat between Gehana Vasisth and Umesh Kamat. (Photo: India Today / Mustafa Shaikh)


When asked by India Today if she knew Roy Evans was Umesh Kamat, Gehana Vasisth denied knowing about the matter.

“I’m not aware that the two are the same people. Umesh had given me Roy Evan’s number saying he would take care of the running of Hotshots from now on. I chatted with Roy Evans for work, but never saw him or made a video call with him. I tried to have a video call conversation with him several times, but he denied it, ”said Gehana Vasisth.

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Mumbai police arrested businessman Raj Kundra on July 19 on the basis of an FIR recorded in February when the Criminal Branch dismantled a pornographic racket. Five people were arrested in connection with the case at the time, and further investigation led to four more arrests.

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An indictment filed in the “pornographic” films case in April did not mention actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra.

Later, in June, the Mumbai police launched a new investigation into the “pornographic” films case. It was then that officials discovered the involvement of HotShots, the app owned by Raj Kundra’s company.

Apparently, a WhatsApp conversation between Raj Kundra and his employee Umesh Kamat prompted investigators to search his office.

Raj Kundra was questioned on July 19 and was later arrested the same day for his alleged involvement in a porn video racket.

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