Who let the dogs out?

Are you biting your nails as the solicitation continues for the country’s next president? Stress levels have certainly peaked in this intensely divisive election season, where there are those who, in the extreme, have even traded family and friends just to support their candidate.

But soon enough though, a new leader of this island nation will be proclaimed by the mandate of the people, so now is the time to let fate take its course and calm down, breathe and relax.

For those with pets in the home, they need not look far for a way to feel better regardless of the outcome, as repeated studies show that interaction with animals decreases. cortisol levels (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure. More and more studies also continue to show that pets can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and improve a person’s mood.

That’s why the Manila Times Lifestyle let the dogs out today.

Dr. Saza Curaming with his dog, Matchi.

The healthy benefits of wet dog food

All dogs need proper nutrition, and choosing the right diet can be a difficult task for pet owners. Traditionally, more dog owners opt for dry food. However, veterinarians also recommend feeding a mix of wet food as the main meal. Here’s why.

Makes mealtimes interesting. Dogs easily get bored of eating the same thing every day and some dog owners have to live with the reality that their dog will be a picky eater for the rest of their lives. When this happens, pet owners may consider experimenting with a new flavor.

According to Dr. Saza Curaming, Scientific Communications Manager, Mars Pet Nutrition for the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, “Wet food not only contains 70-80% more vitamins and minerals that your pet needs needed, it’s also high in protein, providing a nutritionally complete and balanced meal.More interestingly, its consistency is very appealing to most dogs.

Including wet food in dog meals gives them a variety of tastes and textures. For mixed feeding, dog owners can add wet food as a topping on top of the dry food.

Maintains hydration level. Wet food hydrates dogs who do not drink enough water on a daily basis. It can also help improve the proper functioning of the kidneys.

“Since wet food is rich in moisture, it helps the dog maintain a healthy urinary system. To ensure a well-hydrated dog, however, it is still necessary to always provide clean, fresh water every day,” advised Daza.

Aid in weight loss. The main component of wet food is protein, which contains fewer carbohydrates. As a result, it has a lower calorie density and even helps promote dog satisfaction.

“Incorporating wet food into your dog’s meals will prevent excess calories from being absorbed while still providing ample nutrition,” Dr. Saza explained.

“Some pet owners feed their dogs homemade food, which can cause them to gain weight and have loose stools. But giving your dog wet food or a mix of wet and dry, this can produce smaller, firmer stools,” she added. .

Respectful of dental diseases. Finally, since wet food is made up of soft bits, it’s a good choice for dogs with dental issues, gum problems, or impaired senses. Depending on comfort levels, the amount of wet food to mix with dry food may vary.

* * *

A “passionate” cause for Ayala Malls

Ayala Malls continues to prove that it is a haven for every four-legged animal as they strengthen their pet defenses by hosting and supporting various initiatives including care and adoption programs for pets.

Pet Adoption Project in Downtown Alabang

Pet Adoption Project in Downtown Alabang

Adopt a Pound Dog Project at Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Adopt a Pound Dog Project at Ayala Malls Manila Bay

PAWSsion Project Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation of abused and neglected dogs, is one of Ayala Malls valued partners in achieving this mission. Ayala Corporation President Fernando Zobel de Ayala and Sisters Sofia Zobel-Elizalde and Monica Zobel de Ayala made cash donations that significantly supported the construction of the PAWSsion Project Animal Shelter on a newly acquired 6-acre lot. 000 square meters in Bacolod City.

Continuing the collaboration, Ayala Malls Capitol Central hosted Project PAWSsion’s “Paws for a Cause” which mobilized a campaign to donate pet supplies for stray dogs. Ayala Malls Vertis North also kept the passion going as the Quezon City location facilitated the PAWSsion Summer Camp. The program has encouraged clients to adopt stray cats and dogs, giving them the chance to find their forever home and experience the love and care they deserve from a furry parent.

Ayala Malls is a second home for customers and their beloved pets. Considered key members of the Ayala Malls community, cats and dogs can enjoy safe services and comfortable spaces, so they bond seamlessly with their beloved fur parents and furry friends.

Even amid the pandemic, Ayala Malls has continued its mission to provide amazing experiences by relaunching its official dog park called “Barkyard”. The facility has hosted programs such as Central Bloc’s “It’s a Pawty”, Alabang Town Center’s “Adopt a Friend” and Ayala Malls Manila Bay’s “Adopt a Pound Dog Project”.

Soon Bonifacio High Street is also launching a new pet event with an adoption program called “Pet Huddle” from May 21-22.

* * *

Golden Haven Hosts National Pet Walk

It was a delightfully bright and sunny day when pooches of all shapes and sizes headed to select branches of Golden Haven Memorial Parks to join his National Pet Walkathon — with their excited humans in tow, of course.

Pets and people bonded and created community during the walkathon.

Pets and people bonded and created community during the walkathon.

An adorable furry friend enjoyed the day off the greens.

The Frisky puppies befriended each other.

The Frisky puppies befriended each other.

Adorable puppies and their families bonded, played and roamed in the lush surroundings of Golden Haven Memorial Parks in Las Piñas, Bauan and Sariaya in Luzon; Cebu and Iloilo in Visayas, and Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and General Santos City in Mindanao.

Golden Haven’s National Pet Walkathon featured activity stations for fur babies; energy-intensive obstacle courses; and even pet store kiosks for a busy day outdoors. Freed from restrictions and released into the soothing green spaces of Memorial Parks, pets and pet owners savored the fresh breathable air, sunny blue skies, calming views and natural vitamin D.

Heartwarming scenes showed the frisky pups bonding. In doing so, their fur moms and dads followed suit.

To top off this unforgettable day, each furry participant received a certificate of completion, along with a commemorative photo, for joining the walkathon.

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